Sunday, January 31, 2010


The raffle drawing has happened, we had a big crowed and sold many tickets at the event. Everyone will have two weeks from Monday, February 1st to claim their prize. Any unclaimed prizes will have new tickets drawn in two weeks. Prizes can be claimed by contacting me at or via my cell; 530-526-1700. If the drawn ticket owner was at the event I have listed by name, and not-present ticket winners will be listed by number and need to email or call.

Without further ado:

Africa Revolutions Tour: Joe Strahl, Paul Botsford, Jesse Ford, Red and Ticket 107953.

Hotel Charley box set + Tao Berman huck doll: 107190

WRSI Throw Rope: 107009 - Mitch Sitnick

WRSI Helmet: Jesse Ford

Exofficio Men's Package: Annie Douglas

Exofficio Women's Package: 107172

Kokatat Ronin PFD: 107086

Loon Outdoors Fly Rod: 107222

Lightning Rodeo Paddle: 107448

River Styx Paddle: 107325

Sawyer Paddle: 107406

Kokatat Rogue Drytop: 107473 - The whitewater family, Matt, Steph and Sage

Emotion Kayak: Jared Sandeen

Jackson Rocker: Won by Jeff, auctioned off for an extra $650 to Matt Thomas, winner Erik Larson.

Jackson Kayak of Choice: Shaggy McLaughlin

$4,186 was raised last night in Ashland, Oregon, combined with $2,232 in online donations: $6,418 to help Matt Thomas recover!

I want to give a big thanks to everyone involved, all those who donated time and equipment to the event, sorry if I forget anyone! Marta Miller at Kokatat, Shaggy McLaughlin at Sawyer Paddles, Jim Snyder at Rivyr Styx, Tom Strauss at Emotion Kayaks, Loon Outdoors, Christine Hugo at Exofficio, Nick at WRSI, Ben Stookesberry at Clear H2O Films, Rush Sturges at River Roots, Shaggy McLaughlin, Caldera Tap House, Scott Zagarino at The Sportsgrants Foundation, Shasta Base Camp, Ashland Outdoor Store, Bear Creek Bicycle, Pomodoro Restarante, Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, SOTAR, Alex's Restaurant, Great American Pizza Co, Noble Coffee and Downtowne Coffee House. You are all awesome!

Monday, January 25, 2010

More prizes!

Today marks the official end of online sales of raffle tickets. The good news is you can still buy tickets at the event before the raffle.

On top of all the great prizes that have already been listed, several more have been donated.

The Sportsgrants Foundation
is donating a new, never used Jackson Rocker creek boat. Be sure to check out the really cool work this great organization is doing.

The Pomodoro Restaurante in Ashland has donated two gift certificates for $50 each. Thanks for the support!

A Flyfishing Rod from Loon Outdoors, thanks to Russ Miller for making the connection.

It's been great to see such a wide variety of people get involved, thanks to everyone for their generous support and stay tuned for the drawing results, which should be up by February 1st.